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Today’s Tip

Free Advertising & Marketing Tools!

You may be thinking – “Nothing Is Free in This World”, think again!

Google+, Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn Accounts, are STILL free! These are hundreds of these free nuggets available in the form of social media sites for you. You should be going after( if you haven’t already done so), to promote your website or online business. Millions & millions of people use internet everyday & the numbers are increasing as we speak! The data show that the online users spend more time on social media sites than any other type of site. Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ , LinkedIn, Instagram are just a few to name.

Social Media Marketing has changed how we used to look at marketing.

Look closely when you access your Facebook account or Google Search next time, you will see paid ads all over the place. Businesses pay to get Facebook, Google ads, because they know where their potential customers are! Today we are talking about free tools & tips. You can start a free online marketing campaign with little knowledge of technology. It helps you save money, especially when you are just starting out & doesn’t have a marketing budget to hire a Search Engine Marketing Specialist or a Search Engine Optimization Expert.

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Start with building Facebook page, Google+ page for your business, create a twitter account, Instagram to be visible to¬† your potential clients. Your customers and potential customers are on Social Media , shouldn’t you be there too?

Apply this small tip, you will be pleasantly surprised with it’s effectiveness!

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